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My name is Ivy ; like the plant. Let's wander into a hidden spring somewhere and paint on each other while the stars are bright and the moon is wide. ॐ


WANTED: rich person who doesn’t want a relationship with me but gets deep satisfaction from providing for me




psychedelicatessenn’s second giveaway 

alright folks, ive decided to create another giveaway in the hopes of bringing a little attention to my etsy shop (:

alright how about the rules:

  1. please be following me cause makin this stuffs a lotta work i gotta feel the love
  2. please pay my etsy a visit, theres tonsa fun stuff in it ✿
  3. like and reblog this post as many times as ya like. please note, each person who reblogs this will be given the opportunity to receive 10% off anything in my shop. all you have to do is message me before you make your purchase (:
  4. be nice. here on tumblr, out in the world. just be nice

and if you follow these simple rules you might just get a chance to win:

  1. one tie dyed mushroom tee
  2. one traditional tie dyed swirl tee, with or without black stripes 
  3. one tie dyed yin and yang tee
  4. a couple packs of incense and one incense burner
  5. your choice of either a pair of macrame barefoot sandals OR a couple of macrame bracelets
  6. and last but not least a 12 colour DIY tie dye kit so you can give it a go yourself! 

after randomly choosing, ill message the winner on August 1st. he or she will have 24 hours to respond with size and colour preferences or ill pick a new winner

thank you guys so much for your support!

good luck ♥ ☯ 

whoaaaa its almost over guys! quick get your last minute entries in

14 more hours gogogogogog reblog the shit outta this


there are so many of you I feel I could have chill ass adventures with.


Dreaming of a day when fungi come out to play 


NEW BLOG MINI GIVEAWAY `(✿◠‿◠)ノ*: ・゚✧ *・゜゚・*☆

♡ win one of my handmade tops in your size and choice of color ♡

to enter:
reblog this post (no limit) likes do not count. you may follow my blog if you’d like ♡
winner will be chosen at random from the reblog count on August 10, 2014. I ship internationally so no location is excluded.
please do not remove the text or steal my photos ♡

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New shirt yeee~

New shirt yeee~


it literally stresses me out how much good music there is that i still haven’t listened to